MRH’s new enteral nutrition pump has obtained the registration certificate
Release time:2020-10-20
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MRH’s new enteral nutrition pump has obtained the registration certificate

The enteral nutrition pump developed by MRH was approved by the Registration Certificate for Medical Devices of Guangdong Medical Products Administration and obtained the registration certificate. This product is compatible with the special infusion tubing set without contact with infusion fluid. It can be used for gastrointestinal infusion of nutrients in an adjustable manner for coma patients with difficulty in eating or unclear consciousness and patients with severe morning sickness. It can be used in Emergency Department, Pediatrics Department, Gynecology Department, Hematology Department, Burn Injury Department and other departments.

The enteral nutrition pump is a new type of intelligent enteral nutrition infusion device, which can precisely control infusion speed, liquid volume and feeding time, effectively heat and keep warm, prevent over-flow, under-flow and discomfort of patients caused by too low liquid temperature, and also have functions of automatic infusion, alarm, fast discharge and reverse shaft. It can safely and effectively promote and maintain the complete structure and function of the gastrointestinal tract, protect the gastric mucosal barrier, reduce complications, reduce the cost of treatment, and improve the nutritional status of patients.

The acquisition of the new product registration certificate will further meet the needs of clinical treatment, enhance the influence and competitiveness of the company’s products, and demonstrate MRH’s determination to constantly innovate and forge ahead in order to protect the health of all mankind!